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Get extra comfy with this handcrafted Chess Lumbar Pillow. Crafted of 100% cotton by skilled Guatemalan artisans, it features a charming check pattern in light blue and cream for a look that is fresh, clean, and friendly. Though soft and cozy, it boasts unparalleled craftsmanship, ensuring this pillow remains beautiful and durable for years to come. 

  • HANDMADE. Skilled artisans throughout Guatemala plant, grow, and spin the cotton, hand-weaving it into soft, beautiful, naturally-colored fabric.
  • NATURAL. Produced using no dyes whatsoever. Reclaimed denim fibers are expertly incorporated into the raw, natural cotton to achieve the soft blue color. 
  • AUTHENTIC. The traditional methods used in cultivating and processing the indigenous cotton aim to preserve Guatemalan culture and its rich Mayan heritage. 
  • SUSTAINABLE. Loom-woven from recycled denim threads and local, sustainably-grown, 100% organic cotton fabric.
  • DURABLE. Expertly crafted using spinning and weaving techniques handed down and refined through generations, yielding high quality textiles that are beautiful, authentic, and outstandingly well-made.  

From planting the cotton seeds all the way to loom-weaving the fabric, the Chess Lumbar Pillow is traditionally handmade every step of the way, using authentic techniques dating back to the ancient Mayans. Threads of locally-sourced recycled denim are deftly incorporated to create the light blue color. Between its culturally conscious origins and sustainable practices, this pillow will give you total peace of body and mind.

  • Dimensions
    • 20 x 14 inches
  • CULTURE PRESERVATION. Algodones Mayas was founded in 1995, with the dream of preserving the Guatemalan culture, its land, its natural colors, and its fabrics. Algodones Mayas further preserves this legacy by growing and weaving Green-Jade cotton fiber, which was born of the mixture of the original colors.The color cotton fiber harvested from the plant of these seeds has no natural or chemical dyes. 
  • SKILLED CRAFTSMEN. The fabrics are woven by skilled craftsmen from different regions of Guatemala who collaborate with Algodones Mayas to create art and maintain tradition, generation after generation. Many of these artisans are now entrepreneurs who will leave a solid foundation for generations to come.
  • SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE. Algodones Mayas is a socially responsible company that supports its artisans and weavers so that hey can offer a better future for their children and future entrepreneurs. Read More


Created by hand, demonstrating the unique skill of the artisan and supporting one-of-a-kind pieces in a world of homogenized mass production.


Made with recycled or reclaimed materials that have been extracted and reconditioned for a new use. This process minimizes the flow of waste into landfills.


Created and directed in a cooperative structure, with proceeds reinvested into the community to enable self-sustainability and economic development.



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