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A quintessential feature of any traditional family home, woven table mats instantly create a warm, hospitable feel. This handcrafted Pete Table Mat is the perfect way to achieve that cheerfully lived-in atmosphere. Made with fabric and natural grasses, its sensible, rustic character is refined by a graceful Pete (“ring”) pattern.

Whether you use it as wall art, table decor, or trivet for hot dishes, its refreshing simplicity will add a welcoming accent to any living or dining space for years to come.

  • HANDCRAFTED. Expertly hand-woven by East African artisans using a traditional coiling technique refined and passed down through generations to create beautiful, functional, and durable pieces.
  • 100% LOCALLY SOURCED MATERIALS. Crafted from vibrant fabrics and locally harvested, indigenous ugwafu (star grass), intamyi (papyrus), and banana bark.
  • SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS. Created in fair trade conditions, allowing rural women and refugees in the Kagera region of Tanzania to express their talents, share their culture/heritage, and advance themselves and their local economy.
  • ONE-OF-A-KIND. Each artisan-made product is unique, with appealing variations in size and color that reflect its authentic, artisanal origins.

Though its design looks effortless, the craftsmanship is not. Handmade by expert artisans in East Africa, it’s woven with a traditional coiling technique that yields durable, functional pieces.

  • Dimensions:
    • Small - 23cm
    • Medium - 28cm
    • Large - 36cm
  • COMMUNITY-DRIVEN. WomenCraft is a community-driven social enterprise that designs, produces and exports hand-woven home décor items made from natural fibers and vibrant fabrics of East Africa.
  • REFUGEE WOMEN. WomenCraft began operations in 2007 as an Implementing Partner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and in response to the lack of income-generating opportunities for refugee women in a post-conflict region.
  • EMPLOYS 300 WOMEN. Operating from Ngara, Tanzania, within the post-conflict tri-border area of Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania, WomenCraft employs more than 300 rural East African women, who express their culture and talents to create products that are beautiful, functional, and durable. Their artisans advance themselves, raise stronger families, stimulate their local economies and inspire the world around them. Read more.



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